Sunday, March 08, 2009

White Pony

I think I owe you a good one to start.

Can;t find an MP3, but this video is almost as good for the meantime.

White Pony features 2 familiar names- Pato Siebenhaar (of Trolle//Siebhaar and Pato) and Lasse Lyngbo (of Diefenbach and My Evil Twin) that I really need say no more about."Falling" was Pick of the Week (P3s Uundgåelige) on Danish Radio this week, and features input from members of The Floor Is Made Of Lava and Decorate. Decorate.

White Pony were a nominee for the P3 Experimental category, but didn't win it... Here's why they should have.....


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  • Saturday, March 07, 2009

    Supertroels and stuff...

    Supertroels is one of our favourite people.

    Not only do we love what he does with Veto, as well as his fabulous own work, but he's a consistent blogger (unlike some of us who seem to lose all sense of reality when we fall in or out of love...), and he's also quite possibly the nicest person we've come across. We weren't sure we believed our eyes when we saw that Veto were playing in London- we'd seen them in Denmark and Germany and Norway... but London. Wow. Never though it'd happen... So we emailed him.

    And he replied.


    In celebration, here's a link to a mix he did for the Danish radio show Unga Bunga in Aug 2008- it's hosted on Troels' own website, which we'd encourage you to take a look at...

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    What do you mean, an online ticket agent was nice to you?

    So...we're almost pissing ourselves that Veto are coming to London, having seen them a number of times last year in Denmark, as I said last night...

    I made a total screw up of the whole ticket process, though, and managed to doube book myself, so I can't make the 19th. Damn it. I didn't realise til we got a ticket, but the people at Ticketweb were lovely when I explained how everything crashed and I didn't realise we'd actually purchased the ticket until the email came through. Normally I equate these people as being spawn of the devil, but this time I can be nice...For once.

    Anyway, I'll be at the shows at Proud on 21/03 and Blow Up on 22/ if anyone's out there, give us a shout.


    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Oh crap. We're crap. Love you.

    So. We're totally crap at keeping in touch. We realise that. Like a long distance relationship that goes askew, we realise that we've neglected you. But no more.

    For all of you that have emailed us in our HUGE downtime, we're sorry. We didn;t mean to seem rude and arrogant. We were just having a few mental issues. We still love you. Honestly.

    And to anyone out there who migth still be reading this, we love you too.


    Now back to business.

    P.S. Anyone who wants to join us in writing this is more than welcome... Just scream ALLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, send a carrier pigeon or get in contatc in a more conventional manner.

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Map 3...

    AMERICA – I Guess I’m Floating
    Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – 26 Miles
    Mississippi-based Dent May has been recording in various southern states since his formative years in high school. After going to college and refining his sound, he emerged with a new act that made use of his self-proclaimed magnificent ukulele. His pleasant pop arrangements, strong vocals and doo-wop-like vocal harmonies will appeal to anyone hoping to hear some happy music. His debut album is due out in February via Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label. Never underestimate the ukulele.

    ARGENTINA – Zonaindie
    Banda de Turistas – Todo Mío El Otoño
    Mágico Corazón Radiofónico is the first album by Banda de Turistas and it turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of the year. With Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys) in charge of the mixing, this song reprises the beat sound of ancient Argentine rock bands like Los Gatos.

    AUSTRALIA – Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
    The Philadelphia Grand Jury – Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night)
    Three long-time Sydney musicians start the funnest band to come out of the city in the past year. You might have known them in previous lives as one part Berkfinger, two parts The Sweats. Combined, they channel an updated retro rock style that somehow manages to both pay homage to Elvis and sound incredibly cool. Not an easy feat, so respect where it is due.

    BRAZIL – Meio Desligado
    Macaco Bong – Bananas For You All
    Macaco Bong is an instrumental trio from Cuiabá, considered one of the best live acts in the country. They sound like an original mix of post-rock, alternative metal and free jazz. Their guitarist doesn’t use any pedals or effects, playing his Fender online with overdrive from the amps he uses. The band is part of Espaço Cubo, a collective that works with culture and its social aspects, starting a revolution from the underground.

    CANADA – I(Heart)Music
    Black Hat Brigade – Swords
    Their hiccupped vocals and apocalyptic-sounding music makes bringing up Wolf Parade almost inevitable, but Black Hat Brigade make a pretty convincing argument with their self-titled EP – and particularly with Swords – that they don’t necessarily come off any the worse in the comparison.

    CHILE – Super 45
    Fredi Michel – Enganamí (Comeme Remix II)
    One of the weirdest and most original bands from Santiago, Fredi Michel are a mix between cumbia, dub and avant pop (via Broadcast). Even though they’ve been playing for years they have only recorded a few songs and some of their friends have made some remixes, such as the one featured here. Fredi Michel have announced they will finally release their debut album next year.

    DENMARK – Pastries, Peppers And Canals...
    Oliver North Boy Choir – Tonight
    Oliver North Boy Choir are the kind of band that Denmark does spectacularly well. Signed to Danish uber-indie label Crunchy Frog, Camilla Florentz, Mikkel Max Hansen and Ivan Petersen release pieces of ethereal beauty via download only. Oh, and they don’t play live either.

    ENGLAND – The Daily Growl
    Jay Jay Pistolet – Golden Age
    You may not call it a ‘scene’, but there's only one degree of separation between many of London's young bands and artists. Jay Jay Pistolet, friend of Mumford & Sons, Derek Meins and no doubt plenty others, is no exception. Not that this is important. Let JJP, who often comes across as a young English version of M Ward, be judged for himself.

    GERMANY – Blogpartei
    Mio Myo – Switch
    Switch is the latest single of the Nuremberg-based quad Mio Myo. It can be seen as a description of their sound – a bit ghosty and spheric, a diversity of electronic and analog instruments, and a voice reminiscent of Thom Yorke. Their songs always deserve a second hearing.

    ICELAND – I Love Icelandic Music
    Vicky – Alien
    Vicky, previously called Vicky Pollard (named after the Little Britain character), is one of the coolest new Icelandic rock bands. The band started in November 2006 when they accidentally got together and started jamming in their hometown Hafnarfjörður. They produce a sort of poppy metal or heavy pop. In 2008, these four girls and male drummer recorded their debut album Pull Hard, which was released on the Töfrahellirinn label in October.

    IRELAND – Nialler9
    Sunken Foal – On Platinum Rays
    The brilliantly titled Sunken Foal (think about it...) is also known as Dunk Murphy of Ambulance. After an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Mary Ann Hobbs, his debut Fallen Arches has just been released on Planet Mu. The album is a textural, ambient, electronic-acoustic and, most of all, beguiling release of leftfield sounds.

    ITALY – Polaroid
    Scarlets – Every Waterloo
    Young, talented and stylish, Scarlets play nervous and tight songs heavily influenced by new wave. They’ve just released an EP on Angle Records full of love for The Smiths, The Jam and the sharpest Brit sound. They’re definitely a name to keep an eye on in the coming months.

    NEW ZEALAND – Counting The Beat
    Bearcat – Red Panda Blues
    Bearcat are one of a bunch of new New Zealand bands dabbling in folk influenced indie-pop. Apparently Bearcat is a literal translation of the Latin word for panda, and as well as naming themselves after the endangered mammal, the band have chosen to make pandas the subject of many of their songs too. Bearcat avoid the danger of this resulting in one-line-joke novelty songs by writing catchy and memorable tunes that have every chance of survival.

    NORWAY – Eardrums
    The Little Hands Of Asphalt – The Future
    The Little Hands Of Asphalt is the solo project of Sjur Lyseid, the singer in the Norwegian indie-pop band Monzano. As TLHOA, he makes warm, sensitive folk-inspired songs, often performed with an acoustic guitar as the main instrument. Sjur Lyseid is a great storyteller and his lyrics are always worth listening to. The song we have for you is a Music Alliance Pact exclusive, taken from his forthcoming debut album Leap Years which will be released in March 2009.

    PERU – SoTB
    Pelo Madueño – Es Hora
    After his successful debut album, Ciudad Naufragio, Pelo Madueño returned this year with No Te Salves, an intimate album full of emotions. Based in Spain, Pelo shines as a songwriter and gives us a real insight into the independent scene.

    PORTUGAL – Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
    Nuno Rancho – Not For Sale
    Unready Demo is Nuno Rancho’s first solo work and you can download the other tracks on the EP for free via a link on his MySpace. In 2002, he started playing music in a band called Wheelchair and two years later he formed Kyoto. Today, besides Kyoto, Nuno Rancho still finds time to play and write for TiMaria, an electro-pop trio which has a completely different sound from his other work.

    SCOTLAND – The Pop Cop
    Dotjr – More Than You Know
    The Pop Cop only ‘discovered’ Dotjr last week and we were so bowled over there was no choice but to fast-track him into this month’s Music Alliance Pact. Dotjr (pronounced dot-jay-are) is the solo project of James Reeves, a 21-year-old native of the Isle of Lewis, and his joyous, soaring music has the kind of ambitious pop sound that radio DJs fall over themselves to play. More Than You Know is epic, swooning and Christmassy. Pretty much perfect then.

    SINGAPORE – I’m Waking Up To...
    Leeson – Some Girls
    Leeson are a five-piece indie-pop band from Singapore who play a revelling cocktail of poppy, dancey tunes that will have your feet tapping and singing along to their infectious melodies.

    SOUTH KOREA – Indieful ROK
    The Black Skirts – Dog
    The Black Skirts is the name used by Castel Prayon and his live band when climbing the digital music charts of Korea. In November the band's first album, 201, was released. The first song up for promotion was Like Me and people soon heeded the title’s request. For somebody who usually isn't too keen on being poppy, Castel Prayon sure knew what he was doing when making those songs, and Dog is an excellent example of that.

    SPAIN – El Blog De La Nadadora
    Elurretan – Momo Alper Bat Da
    Richar and Mikel are from Euskadi and sing in Euskera, their own language. Their songs are inspired by The Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach, Jonathan Richman, Mikel Laboa and C86. You can download their last album, Momo Eta Beste Izaki Batzu, from their website ( Elurretan love music and want to share their songs with everyone who likes them. Is it possible? I think so.

    SWEDEN – Swedesplease
    Francis – Bad To The Bone
    Francis take the strange blues of The Tallest Man On Earth and add a cabaret atmosphere. Debut single Bad To The Bone sounds like a transgender version of Stevie Ray Vaughn if he/she worked in a travelling eastern European circus and was channelling Tom Waits.

    To download all 21 songs in one file click here:

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    M.A.P. #2

    AMERICA: I Guess I'm Floating
    City Center – Summer School
    Brooklyn’s City Center is the solo work of Fred Thomas from Saturday Looks Good To Me, focusing on ornamental, experimental pop songs created from found sounds, manipulated samples and Thomas's own guitar and vocals. While there’s no official debut yet, he has released a handful of 7”s and there are over 30 free MP3s up for grabs at his blog ( Look for a debut sometime in 2009.

    ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
    Sync Filmico – El Polvo De Tus Sentimientos
    With heavy influences from alt. rockers like Radiohead and Jaime Sin Tierra, this song is from Sync Filmico's second album, El Mar. It was released this year on CD and as free MP3 download from their website ( Their first record was published under a Creative Commons license and can also be downloaded for free.

    AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
    The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
    There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new material from Melbourne’s The Temper Trap and no wonder, because the first taste of their 2009-due album, Sweet Disposition, is a delay-driven melody fest. Recalling the sounds of ’80s U2, Sweet Disposition was recorded in the UK with famed producer Jim Abbiss, who has worked with some little-known acts like Arctic Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Bjork and Massive Attack.

    CANADA: I(Heart)Music
    Ketch Harbour Wolves – So Long To The Ground
    Even by the standards of Canadian indie rock, Ketch Harbour Wolves are pretty under the radar. Dead Calm Horizon is one of the best albums of the year - and free for download on the band’s site ( no less. Imagine that The National were transported to the Canadian wilderness and started writing songs about rural living and you’d have a good idea of where Ketch Harbour Wolves are coming from. The results are, simply put, hauntingly gorgeous. 3

    DENMARK: Pastries, Peppers And Canals
    Heidi Mortenson – It’s True
    Highly regarded as the queen of experimental, unpredictable music, Heidi’s website says that she “makes colorful and textured songs with a nerdy and dazed approach; her sound grows from playful experiments and inventive production. Add emotional drive, a mentalist flavor and soul of old cartoon" - and who are we to argue? She's playing The Pastry Club on Thursday at Hoxton Bar and Grill...

    ENGLAND: The Daily Growl
    Mumford & Sons – Roll Away Your Stone
    Here’s some new folky goodness for you. Not folky as in the beardy sense, mainly because the kids in Mumford & Sons are probably too young to grow beards. Led by Marcus Mumford, this west London band peddle a sparkly, breezy, bluegrass-infused folk-pop, and given that they’ve been together for less than a year, they've arrived remarkably fully-formed.

    ICELAND: I Love Icelandic Music
    Hellvar – Nowhere
    Together the two boys and two girls of Hellvar stir up a cocktail from electronica to new wave with a twist of lime. Debut album Bat Out Of Hellvar was released at the end of 2007 and was the first release on new Icelandic label Kimi Records. The band have toured in the USA, Germany and China.

    IRELAND: Nialler9
    Cap Pas Cap – We Are Men (Thatboytim remix)
    Cap Pas Cap are heavily inspired by rock music on the fringes - no wave, punk and Krautrock. As a taster for a debut in 2009, the band will release the We Are Men 12" in December with one original track and three hi-grade remixes from Decal, Jape and this from Thatboytim. As well as playing in Cap Pas Cap, members of the band run the Skinny Wolves label which releases stuff from the likes of Indian Jewelry, Telepathe and Effie Briest.

    ITALY: Polaroid
    Did – Ask U2
    If I could have Foals playing at my house tonight, I would surely call Did as opening band. Four young guys from Turin who play "yellow punk-funk" with pop melodies. They have a free download debut EP out now on Kirsten's Postcard label ( Dance!

    NORWAY: Eardrums
    My Little Pony – I Don’t Know Pt.1
    “The band, not the brand” seems to be a statement that will follow Norwegian indiepop orchestra My Little Pony forever. They recently released their debut album Think Too Much to great critical acclaim and new fans include one of Norway's biggest pop stars, Marit Larsen. My Little Pony are a pure pop band, where strong melodies and interesting lyrics make the framework of their music, but they also mix in several other genres in their indiepop universe, from bluegrass and Afro-jazz to reggae and more folk-oriented elements.

    PERU: SoTB
    Cementerio Club – Stereoman
    Cemeterio Club’s history can be summed up in numbers - a 10-year career, four studio albums, three acoustic albums, one lengua MTV. Led by Jose Arbulú, they are a clear example that good rock sung in Spanish exists. Here’s Stereoman from their latest album, released last year.

    SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop
    Beerjacket – Drum
    Beerjacket is a young man with an acoustic guitar whose backing band comprises a tambourine and a drum machine. Stylistic comparisons to Elliott Smith or Jose Gonzalez wouldn’t be far off, while his prolific output of albums offer an endearing lo-fi sound that lets the quality of his songs and the calibre of his songwriting steal the show.

    SPAIN: El Blog De La Nadadora
    Espanto – Profesora De Primaria
    Espanto are a duo formed by Luis and Teresa, who come from a small city in the north of Spain. After releasing a series of extraordinary demos, their first CD, Cantando En Tu Siesta - on the Spanish label Birra y Perdiz ( - compiled their best songs up till 2007. Their music is basically pop, with references that range from Television Personalities to The Magnetic Fields.

    SWEDEN: Swedesplease
    Hajen – Sharks
    Hajen has a very limited repertoire (three MySpace demos to be exact), but she’s just the type of artist that deserves the wider recognition the web can provide. She may not be completely ready for primetime but her uniquely Swedish take on the piano pop of Tori Amos and Regina Spektor is impressive. Hajen means shark in Swedish so it seems appropriate to highlight her theme song. With its warning of "sharks in the water, sharks up on land" you can bet this is not simply a tale of danger in the ocean.

    download the whole compilation :

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    M.A.P. (aka the only Danish diversion)

    So, PPC has got together with a bunch of other country-specific blogs to present you something a bit special every month. This is the only time were going to lave Danish music, and present something a bit different... We've called it the Music Aliance Pact (MAP for short) and here's the first one..

    Here's what we have (and who's taking part...)

    (Download the whole lot here..)

    AMERICA – I Guess I'm Floating
    Arizona - The Glowing Bird - The title track from their sophomore album which came out on October 14 on Echo Mountain.

    ARGENTINA – Zonaindie
    Brian Storming – France - France is the new single by Brian Storming, a psychedelic pop orchestra from Buenos Aires. This band was the support act for Coldplay and Björk when they performed in Argentina. The song is included on their new EP, Brian Storming Avec L´Enchanting Device.

    AUSTRALIA – Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
    Miami Horror – Don't Be On With Her - Miami Horror pretty much blew everyone's mind from the start, just by being called Miami Horror even though he's a producer from Melbourne (kinda like when everyone freaked about The Streets being just one guy). Then he cemented the name he had made for himself with unapologetically synth-heavy remixes - bootleg and official - of a crazy-wide array of artists from Perth's The Dirty Secrets to France's Stardust. And now here he is with the official release of his first single.

    DENMARK – Pastries, Peppers And Canals (US!)
    Diefenbach – On The Move - Diefenbach have been long-time stalwarts of the Danish indie scene, starting out as a post-rock band and gradually evolving into what they are today. Think Beach Boys meets Mogwai meets...well, Diefenbach, actually. The new album, Dark Spinner, is due in late October but the track we're presenting is from 2005's Set And Drift.

    ENGLAND – The Daily Growl
    Absentee – Bitchstealer Absentee’s debut album proper Schmotime was one of The Daily Growl’s favourites of 2006, and new record Victory Shorts is a direct continuation of what the Londoners do best. Singer Dan Michaelson's ravaged drawl, the sweet boy-girl vocal play-offs with keyboardist Melinda Bronstein and hugely pleasing riffs from Babak Ganjei all call to mind a much less polished Teenage Fanclub or a poppier Pavement.

    ICELAND – I Love Icelandic Music
    Plúseinn – Shake - The man behind the band Plúseinn is Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson also known as Árni Plúseinn (a.k.a. Árni +1). He recently released an album called Lettuce And Tomato, made in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York under the name Hungry And The Burger. Árni Rúnar is and was involved in a lot of Icelandic bands and projects (e.g. Hairdoctor, Motion Boys) and is a founding member of the band FM Belfast.

    IRELAND – Nialler9
    Fight Like Apes – Digifucker - The band have just released their debut Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion in Ireland and the UK. The album was produced by John Goodmanson in Seattle over the summer. They are currently touring the UK with The Ting Tings.

    ITALY – Polaroid
    Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – The Happy Birth Of You And Me - LMALL's new album Plaskaplaskabombelibom is free to download from their website

    PERU – SoTB
    ERA – Opium - Taken from the band’s second album Ufocalipsis which was released last year.

    SCOTLAND – The Pop Cop
    Roddy Hart – Dead Of The Night - Roddy Hart made the folk-rock masterpiece Bookmarks, arguably one of the best albums to have come out of Scotland. Dead Of The Night is the first fruits from its follow-up due out in 2009. It’s a live favourite and easily the most immediate pop song the Glaswegian has ever written.

    SPAIN – El Blog De La Nadadora
    Blacanova – Los Remedios - Blacanova is a band from Seville and this song is from their second demo, Perro EP. They are influenced by Joy Division, Seefeel, The Cure, Spanish band Sr Chinarro, David Lynch and Tod Browning films, and the writer Alejandra Pizarnik. Their music is a cross between dark pop, IDM (intelligent dance music) and shoegaze.

    SWEDEN – Swedesplease
    Tvärvägen – September - Tvärvägen is an eclectic one-man orchestra from Gustavsburg, Sweden. Notice both the clattering instrumentation and hummable melody. It's that dichotomy that makes Tvärvägen so unforgettable. The band's debut record is out November 6 on the small label Knoppar.

    Download the whole lot here..

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Sad news...

    ...Junior Senior Announce Split :(

    From the press release:

    Danish pop duo Junior Senior has announced today that they will amicably part ways to pursue individual music careers. The group, consisting of Jesper Mortensen (“Junior”) and Jeppe Laursen (“Senior”) was formed in 1998. “We have met so many amazing people around the world, experienced so many cool things, had so many crazy good times… so many we never even dared dream of,” said the band through a message on their myspace site.

    Junior Senior first brought their infectious hooks and explosive energy to the world through their debut album, D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat, which was released on Danish indie label Crunchy Frog in 2002, and subsequently throughout the rest of the world in 2003. Fueled by the global smash ”Move Your Feet”, which spent 9 consecutive weeks in the UK top 10, and reached #3 on the French singles chart, #2 on the Japanese charts, and #41 on the Billboard Hot 100, the band quickly found both commercial success and critical acclaim worldwide.

    In 2005, the band recorded their follow up album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo in Sweden, Denmark, and at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studios, Alabama. Junior Senior was one of the last bands to record at Muscle Shoals before it closed its doors for good. The album, which spawned the single “Can I Get Get Get,” also featured Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, The Velvelettes, Le Tigre, and Spooner Oldham.
    Junior Senior has toured throughout the world playing nearly every major festival and city, including Coachella, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, Reeperbahn Festival and Roskilde. They’ve also performed on numerous morning and late night television shows, including Top of the Pops five times. They’ve been remixed by DFA and Guns ‘n’ Bombs, and have delivered their own signature remixes for Le Tigre and Beck. Additionally, their music has been featured in many films, TV shows, and videogames, including Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Las Vegas, White Chicks, Dance Dance Revolution, EA’s FIFA 2004, and Singstar, among others. Their music was also used in major advertising campaigns for Cingular, Coca Cola, and Sears.

    Jesper Mortensen has recently released a side project under the moniker I Scream Ice Cream, which came out in June 2008 on Kitsune/Tigerspring. Jesper is currently writing and recording with his new band The Little Sisters. Jeppe Laursen is working on his debut album and will soon be releasing his debut single “Big Boy.” Jeppe also continues to DJ frequently, including recent gigs in Tokyo, Copenhagen, London, and Los Angeles

    Saturday, September 27, 2008


    The Pastry Club #5 in association with ROSA ‘The Danish Rock Council’

    Choir of Young Believers +I Got You On Tape +The Lofty Heights +Good Times Good Times

    Date: Wednesday October 1st 2008

    Time: 8.00 PM

    Tickets: £5 adv //£6 door // NUS £3

    Venue: Amersham Arms 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY

    Transport: New Cross B.R. / E. London Line Replacement Bus / Buses. 453 / 436 / 36 / 177 / 171 / 21 / 136 225 321 / N21 / N36

    The Pastry Club is delighted to present music at a new venue to soothe your Autumn blues. If we could define “hygge” in any meaningful way, then we’d say it’s going to be a “hyggelig” night…

    Good Times Good Times (UK) writes rather the perfect folksy blues for a dark evening in South London. Sometimes a one-man band, other times a 4 or 5 man band, the only things that you’ll ever really know is that this is music for the soul. One to watch with a warm heart.

    Choir of Young Believers’ (DK) songs sound as if they’re coming straight from the heart of the two song-writing brothers Jannis and Noya Makrigiannis; the music itself sounds equally heartfelt and thoughtful. The songs build up slowly, constantly adding one brilliantly clear element after another to end in intense (often loud) climaxes. Choir of Young Believers are an example of the singer-songwriter genre taken far above the coffee house chain friendly level, to become grander, more unorthodox and much more insistent.

    I Got You On Tape (DK) are another Pastry Club favourite. Imagine you’re sitting in a luxury car, insulated from the chilly city outside by that particular quietness.. I Got You On Tape are a bit like this; their dark, smooth sound insulates the listener from the outside. The melodies are strong and shift between hard guitar driven and more trippy organ based. Lead singer Jacob Bellen’s voice is deep and warm, and the inner city poetic songs slide softly in the most beautiful manner.

    The Lofty Heights (UK/US) is 'the brainchild of a Californian transplanted in to worn down Dalston, Greg Griffin's London project The Lofty Heights revolves around the genius idea of combining the laid back sounds of his native state with the traditional folk song of the East End. The results are rather spectacular; wistful surf dirges that talk about lost loves, home sickness and the ancient people of France, that all have a cockney sing-a-long quality about them. A bit like the Shins deciding to cover Chas and Dave songs.

    About the Pastry Club

    The Pastry Club is a Danish Music Showcase in London, formed in 2007. The first Pastry Club took place at 93 Feet East on 19th February 2008, to an amazing reception, and has been running ever since…

    *Hygge is a Danish word, not really definable in English. Hygge is usually inadequately translated as coziness. This is too simplistic: coziness relates to physical surroundings – a jersey can be cosy, or a warm bed - whereas hygge has more to do with people’s behaviour towards each other. It is the art of creating intimacy: a sense of comradeship, conviviality, and contentment rolled into one. To have a hyggelig time is social nirvana in Denmark.

    Saturday, September 20, 2008


    So...we're kinda crap, kinda blah, and just haven't kept any promises of late. We've had Pastry Clubs (some good, some bad..)in London, a trip to SPOT, and another to Roskilde and, strangely, a million trips to Oslo (more on that one later..) and I've still not told you anything.

    First things first. We've been listening to FAR too much Choir of Young Believers lately, so go check them out. We've also been ever so slightly obsessed with the last Veto album, Jong Pang, I Got You on Tape and have been getting VERY VERY excited by the fact there's a new Diefenbach album due sooooon...

    We'll be back soon. Promise!

    P.S. If you do insist in writing us an email, then it's Alison you'll be asking for. I'm not Mette. Mette is the booker and all round logistical genius behind the Pastry Club, and we love her.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008



    Tickets from here:

    The Pastry Club #4
    In association with Lost Music and ROSA
    Stars of Aviation (UK), The Delanies (Dk/UK), Havana Guns (UK) and Charlie Don’t Surf (Dk),

    Date: 28th August 2008
    Time: 7.30pm
    Tickets: £5 in advance/ £6 with flyer / £7 door
    Venue: The Gramaphone, 60 - 62 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London, E1 6LT ,
    Tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East. Bus: N8, N25, N11, N26, N35, N149, N214, N253, 8, 35 and 149

    The Pastry Club are delighted to team up with Lost Music to present an evening of Summer fun. If a certain brand of Danish beer made music, then they’d serve this up…

    Aalborg’s Charlie Don’t Surf (DK) are a band we truly believe in. Both Lost Music and The Pastry Club picked up on them early in their career, and their sunny brand of lo-fi captured everybody’s hearts. In the balmy Summers before Pavement split (after changing the world forever), before Stephen Malkmus decided to sound like Phil Collins and the lo-fi kings and queens decided that they all wanted to do a Daniel Johnston and hide, there used to be some fun in lo-fi (guess it'd be kinda like high-fi lo-fi...but that would sound stupid)... Charlie, Don't Surf are on a mission to inject the funny instruments, screams and dancability back into the scene at their "notorious" (!) live shows. Take the best of every wonky pop band you’ve ever loved, tie it up with ribbon, and then add a sprinkle of something special, and you’ve got Charlie Don’t Surf. Check out to see what the fuss is about.

    If you enjoy listening to motorcycle pop featuring saccharine vocals, droning guitars, warm organ sounds and tambourines, Havana Guns (UK) are the right band for you. Formed in , their first single gained attention from some of the most respected tastemakers in music, including Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1 and Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ. Rolling Stone magazine called it “irresistible” and gave it 4 out of 5 stars, whilst the NME dubbed them "..Blondie for the Libertines generation".The band themself describes their sound as "Motorcycle Pop", and have been compared to The Velvet Underground, The Supremes, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, amongst others. We love them, and we think you’ll love them too. Can’t wait? Check out .

    The Delanies (DK/ UK) keep up the Danish connection- consisting as they do of 2 Danish brothers. Torn between of Syd Barrett and the Everly Brothers, as well as more modern legends, such as the Smiths, the Delanies conjure up a perfect mixture of psychedelic sounds, guitar-driven punk ethos and a true indie attitude. Their charismatically energetic live performances and coquettish boy charm combined with the kind of lyrics that grab your heart and squeeze it leave their audiences literally gagging for more. What else could you need for a perfect Summer evening? Check out to whet your tastebuds...

    Stars of Aviation (UK) were handpicked by Lost Music. After several attempts to work together (there was always something going on) they’re delighted to finally be playing a Lost Music show.

    Sometimes they’re a seven-piece, other times they’re eight, and sometimes they’re even a nine-piece, with a trumpet, guitars, drums, accordion, violin and bassoon. While we (and they) aren’t entirely sure how many they’ll be, the is one thing we do know. Slipping between bitter sweet power pop and Gainsberg-esque pop gems, their single “Marie et l’accordeon” was praised as "a slice of escapist wonder" by and "a stylish and beguiling moment" by The Sun! And as they say- “…remember, it's the Sun wot won it….” Need to know what the fuss is about for yourself? Visit .

    About the Pastry Club

    About Lost Music

    Tickets from here:

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    My Evil Twin

    It's not often that I take anyone's opinion seriously on stuff that they think I'd like. It's not that I don't trust people... I just end up sorely disappointed. However, when someone like Lasse Lyngbo of Diefenbach, the guys at TigerSpring or Kristian Leth (of the late, lamented Liga, see tomorrow) suggests a band, I'm completely up for it....

    The first of the recommendations I got at SPOT was My Evil Twin. Ok, so the guy who recommended it had a vested interest (I should probably mention that the band features Allan Mattson and Lasse Lyngbo from Diefenbach) but I was already aware of the buzz about them going to no. 1 in Det Elektriske Barometer (wihout the knowledge that some of my favourite people were involved), so it seemed right to wander on down to the show. And it really wasn't what I expected.

    Led by the beautiful Cecilie Enevold Nielsen, and also featuring Niels Bagge Hansen and Martin Sahl Petersen, live My Evil Twin are like mid-90s Scottish tuneful-girl, shouty man band Prolapse (hey, I can't help it if my references are too obscure for you!) without the shouty bloke, after she (the girl from Prolapse, I can't remember her name right now) had been eating Parma Violets and Refreshers in a Synth shop. I know I sound dementedly drunk (well...maybe just a little...I am actually writing this at 4am after last night's Pastry Club) But...oh just go and listen to it.

    There's no releases as yet, but I've been given special permission to give you all a demo. Fabulous. This is the song that did so well on Det Elektriske Barometer...

  • It's Coming Back To You (demo)

    I've talked before about the kid test- take a 7 year old (or similar) child and see what they have to say about it, and it's usually right. I'm glad to say that My Evil Twin passed with flying colours. The demo sounds a lot like Lush having a fight with Azure Ray whilst singing a skipping chant in a school playground with Stereolab playing non-noodly synth. I know that's unintelligable, and I really don't care. All you need to know is that it's bloody marvellous (*groan* I feel like my mother when I use that phrase). Why they're still unsigned (like the criminally-underrated Charlie Don't Surf)I don't know. But I have a feeling that I won't be wondering for long....

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  • Monday, June 09, 2008

    ...AND WE'RE BACK...

    So. It's been a while, I know, and, apart from the sporadic Pastry Club updates, I've been silent (totally unlike me for those of you who know me personally would agree). It's not for the lack of music, more the lack of time... Aarhus's SPOT festival this past weekend only served to show the breadth of talent out there right now, so I'll probably post a shitload of stuff poradically on SPOT for a while...

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    The Pastry Club #3-Marybell Katastrophy, My Tiger My Timing and Murder

    I know I'm crap (don't remind me) but promise solemnly to start blogging again post-SPOT. Promise, promise, promise. In the meantime, it's Pastry #3!

    Tuesday 10th June 2008 ~ 93 Feet East, London

    Time: 7.30pm
    Tickets: £6 on the door / £5 in advance from
    Venue: 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU 020 7247 3293
    Public Transport: Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East. Bus Routes: N8, N25, N11, N26, N35, N149, N214, N253, 8, 35 and 149

    The Pastry Club is proud to present the first UK shows from two of Denmark's brightest and boldest critically acclaimed bands.

    First band on, Murder are one of Denmark's brightest new hopes. The name might promise hardcore heavy metal, but the reality is somewhat different. The music that the critically-acclaimed duo produce is as surprising as their name- simultaneously sombre, uplifting, atmospheric and intense, Murder always produce something different. Similar in outlook to Tindersticks (who are apparently big fans) and Arab Strap, Jacob Bellens' characteristic voice is the focal point of a largely acoustic, 70s-inspired sound that invokes parallels with Nick Drake and late Johnny Cash. The music is sincere and straightforward, with equal parts Nordic melancholy and heart-warming Americana. Their astonishing live shows are regularly "Were you there?" moments that will be discussed for many years to come- with recommendations like that, it's worth your while checking them out…

    My Tiger My Timing are Xperimental pop music from New Cross, whose influences include Fun Boy Three, Arthur Russell, TV on the Radio, Talking Heads & Blur. Always catchy, never predicatable, their members have played together in previous projects The Total Drop & Roaring Twenties, and also run Snakes & Ladders records. The music is simultaneously hypnotic and spellbinding, avant-guarde and exciting, naive and poppy - yet it retains the distinct, exciting identity of the burgeoning New Cross scene. They're bouncy, exciting and very, very dancable. The Pastry Club is their first gig, and we're very…very excited. Don't miss them, as they're bound to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers...

    Just as we are about the next band. Marybell Katastrophy know no limitations when it comes to producing non-conformist avant garde playful pop. In the world of "Best new Band in Denmark" (various publications) Marybell Katastrophy, everything is allowed and possible. Releasing an astonishing series of EPs only on 10" and via, Marybell Katastrophy have shunned the traditional labels to produce something that's fresh, exciting, and quite unlike anything you've ever heard… Like singer Marie Højlund's former band, Tiger Tunes, Marybell Katastrophy are difficult to describe, though critics have compared their sound to everything from The Bangles on acid, to Kate Bush turned upside down… We think they're somewhere in the landscape between Johannes Brahms, Pixies and David Bowie, with a hint of Bjørk put in for good measure…

    You'd be a fool to miss them.

    In association with ROSA (the Danish Rock Council) -

    Monday, March 24, 2008


    So. I got sick. Again. I'm writing again!

    But I finally had time to write a press release...:)


    The Pastry Club #2!

    Marvin’s Revolt, Wet Dog and I Am Bones
    Tuesday 15th April 2008 ~ 93 Feet East, London

    Following a successful launch night in February, The Pastry Club are proud to present a night of something completely different…

    Date: Tuesday 15th April
    Time: 7.30pm
    Tickets: £6 on the door / £5 in advance from
    Venue: 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU 020 7247 3293

    Copenhagen’s very own Marvin’s Revolt are loud, proud and endowed with the kind of killer tunes that will make you jump about with glee. Following several successful tours in the UK and Ireland, Marvin’s Revolt are back to blow your mind with a mixture of math-pop and angular catchy rock.

    Touched by sounds from the present and the past, but forging their own path, regardless of scenes or trends, the songs appear as intense, challenging and melodic structures, with disregard for songwriting rules. Formed in 2002, Marvin’s Revolt were initially noisy and aggressive, honing their skills and developing a more complex sound by taking the time honoured roiute of contsant touring.. Musicwise, the band have since mellowed into a less noisy, more complex but yet more melodic kickass band. New album Killec is fresh and exciting sound of a new-born collective. Marvins Revolt mutate into a four-piece monster not to be missed when playing live! Want to know more? Visit or

    Aarhusians I Am Bones are one of the seminal bands of their generation. Many of Denmark’s new favourite bands cite I Am Bones’ unique brand of quirky lo-fi rock as a major influence. Musically drawing on the slacker rock of Pavement, the screaming of Frank Black, the aggression of Nirvana and the lazy funkiness of Beck (and yet more than a sum of their influences), they’ve received critical acclaim in Scandinavia and Germany alike.

    Combining aggression and screaming with hooks and catchy melodies, I Am Bones have a talent for combining the humourous with the serious in a way that allows you to both feel it and laugh at it. Think of every single band you’ve ever loved and you’ve played to death, and then times that by ten. I Am Bones aren’t just special. They’re more than that. They’re one of the reasons we started this whole thing. Don’t miss them, or you’re likely to miss something very, very special… Visit or for 11 slaps in the face to 1 pat on the back.

    Monday, March 10, 2008

    I *heart* Sterling

    So…what have we been up to lately?

    A lot’s been going on lately has been around The Pastry Club- we’ve been inundated with requests and madness, so it’s been slightly insane…the first show went amazingly well

    Sterling. Ho hum. Sterling have been on my to-do list, and, for some reason, I haven’t managed to cover them yet.

    Ok, so I can’t really understand what the hell they’re singing about (any of you who’ve ever emailed me or tried to speak to me in Danish should realise that my Danish leaves a lot to be desired…) Again, Sterling are another one of those bands I fell in love with when I started this whole thing… and another one of those bands I fell in love to a few Summers ago. As you all know, that relationship didn’t last, but my love of Sterling did…

    Kom Nu Hjem still remains at the top of the playlist of songs he gave me, and, though I couldn’t listen to it for a long time, I rediscovered it recently on my iPod… I’m starting to wonder why I was stupid enough not to listen to it for so long when, actually, the guy in question really wasn’t worth my time (*ahem*).

    Rumour has it that Sterling’s new songs in English are fantastic-let’s hope that they sound as great as they promise (I’d kill to listen to those demos), and the rest of us can actually hear what the fuck’s going on…

    In the meantime, though, I’ll leave you with one of the best tracks from their last album…

  • Kom Nu Hjem

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  • Sunday, March 09, 2008

    Hohum…did I ever tell you?

    I’m not sure whether I ever managed to explain exactly what we’re doing with this whole Pastry Club thing…in fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. So I'd better.

    In the Summer of 2006 (for we shall call this year zero…) Tibnkerbell, a bored music blogger caught upon the idea of blogging exclusively about Danish music, and, somewhat randomly, called it Pastries, Pepper and Canals (as you all know). Within days, the blog had been featured on the website of DR's Liga, and attracted a loyal following both in Denmark and all over the world, with emails from many of Denmark's leading independent musicians, asking whether they'd be able to get gigs in London. Though the seeds of an idea were planted at this stage, the blog remained an exclusively online project, though, occasionally, she would ask the lads behind London’s successful Swedish club Tack! Tack! Tack! to consider a Danish offshoot.

    At the same time, a frustrated Mette had been thinking for some time about how to expose the bands she loved- Jomi Massage, Speaker Bite Me, Spleen United and I Am Bones- amongst them, to her adopted homeland. Having written her dissertation on the Danish music scene, and occasionally writing for Geiger magazine about all things leftfield, she couldn't help but think that there was an opportunity out there somewhere- something that was confirmed when she realised that gigs by Figurines and Oh No Ono attracted sold out crowds in London by word of mouth alone.

    In May 2007, the two joined forces when Mette sent Tinkerbell an email via this very blog, saying simply:

    "…I'm (another??) bona fide Dane with an unhealthy obsession when it comes to making the wondrous music of my stamp size country known... Fancy running a Danish-themed event?..."

    And so a partnership was born.

    After several hours brainstorming ideas for names in London's RoTa club (while many of the initial suggestions were dire, we can tell you that Beer N' Bacon, the literary themed 'Something Rotten' and some godawful puns about herrings, rye bread and salmiak were real contenders at one point), a drunken texting session finally hit upon The Pastry Club.

    After much discussion, the girls pitched the idea to every contact that they had in the Danish music scene, including members of Denmark’s most popular bands, management companies, labels and others from outside Denmark who work closely with the Danish music industry. Despite the mysterious Tinkerbell's total inability to master the Danish language, the reaction was incredibly positive, with offers of help and support (plus much excitement) from all corners.

    The addition of Helen completed the team in September 2007. An obsessive independent music guru who formerly worked at the Spitz, and is currently working at 93 Feet East, Helen has the knowledge and contacts to get things done, and took little persuasion to get her hands dirty, and help look into the possibility of helping Danish bands expand their schedule to take in other parts of the UK.

    With an eclectic music policy to take in all areas of Danish music, the first Pastry Club, which took place at 93 Feet East on 19th February 2008, was a massive success. Support from ROSA has helped us take it that little bit further...

  • The Pastry Club

    In association with ROSA (the Danish Rock Council...

  • Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Tremelo Beer Gut

    Death Drome, live at VEGA

    Legends! Need I say more?

  • Nosy Parker

    Just download the song and go and buy it, ok?


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  • Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    A Messsage From The Pastru Club...

    Just thought we'd write a quick note to thank all of you who came last night- it was a truly amazing night, with Jong Pang who were astounding, EPO-555 who left me speechless (and breathless) and the fabulous Brian Jacket Letdown, who delivered a phenomenal set.

    On a related note, EPO-555 and Jong Pang are playing Industry in Curtain Road, E London tonight, and would love it if you could all pop along to watch them play a full, fabulous set.

    We'll be back in April with the fabulous Marvin's Revolt, I Am Bones (one of our favourite bands ever...adn one of the bands we dreamed of when we were setting this up..) and another band TBC. Watch this space for more information on tickets and the mystery band....

    Thanks to the fabulous lads at TigerSpring, Jong Pang and EPO-555 for all their help!

    A Messsage From The Pastru Club...

    Just thought we'd write a quick note to thank all of you who came last night- it was a truly amazing night, with Jong Pang who were astounding, EPO-555 who left me speechless (and breathless) and the fabulous Brian Jacket Letdown, who delivered a phenomenal set.

    On a related note, EPO-555 and Jong Pang are playing Industry in Curtain Road, E London tonight, and would love it if you could all pop along to watch them play a full, fabulous set.

    We'll be back in April with the fabulous Marvin's Revolt, I Am Bones (one of our favourite bands ever...adn one of the bands we dreamed of when we were setting this up..) and another band TBC. Watch this space for more information on tickets and the mystery band....