Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oliver North Boy Choir...

So, after a somewhat extended hiatus in which I got a new job, lost my passport, projectile vomited my way to Hamburg (twice) and felt like running away, here's something new.

After weeks and weeks of promising, I'm finally covering the Oliver North Boy Choir. Consisting of a current member of EPO-555 (Mikkel-MaxHansen), a former member of EPO-555 (the heavily pregnant Camilla Florentz) and the amazingly accommodating Ivan Petersen (who I should thank for providing me with information, support and MP3s to write this piece, and apologise for holding off...)

The band's own description of their story (below) isn;t one that I can really improve upon, so here goes...

Oliver North Boy Choir, the short story. Mikkel and Ivan met in high school where Mikkel tried to make Ivan understand the not very apparent beauty of the French language. As they were young and had lengthy hair the natural outcome was to start a band, which they called Ivanhoe. Mikkel played the guitar and as Ivan couldnt play anything he became the singer. Later on, they both played in Venus and Pierre.They then met Camilla and had a few bloody marys in a bar in Copenhagen. Camilla and Mikkel are now married. Mikkel also plays in epo-555 (and Camilla used to). ONBC is indiepop and melancholy..

Oliver North Boy Choir sound very much like you'd expect them to, given the pedigree- a distinctive Danish pop sound that can't be replicated by anyone anywhere else. Poppier than EPO, but featuring Camilla's distinctively dulcet tones, the songs reference everyone and everything from Eisenhower to Portuguese cigarettes and unhappy love. And ONBC love you too.

In the future, ONBC plan to follow the distinctly rock and roll path of releasing singles, and singles alone...Having heard the first two singles (and the B-sides) I can reassure you that it delivers all that it promises to and more, with tunes that swoop and dive and refuse to leave your brain days after you last listened to them.

I'm afraid I don't have a clue how to up the MP3s (I'll leave that honour to Stytzer in the next few days, and link back if that's OK), but in the meantime, you can hear the demos here

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    Unknown said...

    YAY - oh my I've been waiting a long time for this post ;-)

    I'll upload the two demo's tomorrow and you're welcome to link back as much as you like!!!

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    Tinkerbell said...

    Your wish is my command...