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The Pastry Club #4
In association with Lost Music and ROSA
Stars of Aviation (UK), The Delanies (Dk/UK), Havana Guns (UK) and Charlie Don’t Surf (Dk),

Date: 28th August 2008
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £5 in advance/ £6 with flyer / £7 door
Venue: The Gramaphone, 60 - 62 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London, E1 6LT ,
Tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East. Bus: N8, N25, N11, N26, N35, N149, N214, N253, 8, 35 and 149

The Pastry Club are delighted to team up with Lost Music to present an evening of Summer fun. If a certain brand of Danish beer made music, then they’d serve this up…

Aalborg’s Charlie Don’t Surf (DK) are a band we truly believe in. Both Lost Music and The Pastry Club picked up on them early in their career, and their sunny brand of lo-fi captured everybody’s hearts. In the balmy Summers before Pavement split (after changing the world forever), before Stephen Malkmus decided to sound like Phil Collins and the lo-fi kings and queens decided that they all wanted to do a Daniel Johnston and hide, there used to be some fun in lo-fi (guess it'd be kinda like high-fi lo-fi...but that would sound stupid)... Charlie, Don't Surf are on a mission to inject the funny instruments, screams and dancability back into the scene at their "notorious" (!) live shows. Take the best of every wonky pop band you’ve ever loved, tie it up with ribbon, and then add a sprinkle of something special, and you’ve got Charlie Don’t Surf. Check out to see what the fuss is about.

If you enjoy listening to motorcycle pop featuring saccharine vocals, droning guitars, warm organ sounds and tambourines, Havana Guns (UK) are the right band for you. Formed in , their first single gained attention from some of the most respected tastemakers in music, including Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1 and Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ. Rolling Stone magazine called it “irresistible” and gave it 4 out of 5 stars, whilst the NME dubbed them "..Blondie for the Libertines generation".The band themself describes their sound as "Motorcycle Pop", and have been compared to The Velvet Underground, The Supremes, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, amongst others. We love them, and we think you’ll love them too. Can’t wait? Check out .

The Delanies (DK/ UK) keep up the Danish connection- consisting as they do of 2 Danish brothers. Torn between of Syd Barrett and the Everly Brothers, as well as more modern legends, such as the Smiths, the Delanies conjure up a perfect mixture of psychedelic sounds, guitar-driven punk ethos and a true indie attitude. Their charismatically energetic live performances and coquettish boy charm combined with the kind of lyrics that grab your heart and squeeze it leave their audiences literally gagging for more. What else could you need for a perfect Summer evening? Check out to whet your tastebuds...

Stars of Aviation (UK) were handpicked by Lost Music. After several attempts to work together (there was always something going on) they’re delighted to finally be playing a Lost Music show.

Sometimes they’re a seven-piece, other times they’re eight, and sometimes they’re even a nine-piece, with a trumpet, guitars, drums, accordion, violin and bassoon. While we (and they) aren’t entirely sure how many they’ll be, the is one thing we do know. Slipping between bitter sweet power pop and Gainsberg-esque pop gems, their single “Marie et l’accordeon” was praised as "a slice of escapist wonder" by and "a stylish and beguiling moment" by The Sun! And as they say- “…remember, it's the Sun wot won it….” Need to know what the fuss is about for yourself? Visit .

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