Sunday, February 25, 2007


To my detriment, I've been a bit rubbish and haven't checked my old e-mail account lately. If I had, I would have found a few lovely email from Rumraket (one of the friendliest labels in the world) and Efterklang. Shame on me.

Swarming- Efterklang

In order to atone my sins (and get rid of my post-curry awakeness...I knowit's not a word, but who cares... I don't have a pedant's corner y'know... ), and due to the fact that I've remembered how great they are (and how much they make me happy in a blissful kinda way) I thought I'd treat you all...

  • Jojo - live recording from Nalen, Stockholm nov 2005.
  • Monopolist - from Tripper (2004).
  • Redrop - from mini-album Springer (2003).
  • Swarming (Antenne version) - from Swarming single (2005)
  • Step Aside (covered by Tobias Hellkvist) - the original Step Aside can be found on the album Tripper (2004)

    Efterklang. They say they're nice and friendly people from Copenhagen, and who are we to argue?

  • Website
  • Myspace

  • Friday, February 23, 2007

    Rounding up for a day...

    I have a confession to make, and I bow to Stytzer and Chris for posting so much good stuff lately...

    Firstly, we have The Kissaway Trail. Freshly signed to the wonderous Bella Union (also home to Under Byen in the UK) and as sharp as ever (they used to be called Isles). Well worth seeing live too, if their recent London shows are anything to go by... Here's a track...

  • Smother+Evil= Hurt

    Speaker Bite Me have been around for a while, and just get better and better all the time...
  • Teach Me Tiger

    Veto's Supertroels has done a Speaker Bite Me Remix, which, strangely enough, sounds just like the MP3 below:

  • Teach Me Tiger (Remix)

    Volvoe are a band I keep meaning to cover. In the meantime, here we go...
  • Remedy

  • The last shout goes to Liga (yes, I know...but they like a lot of stuff that I do!). Their post on the Harmony Boys alerted me to this:

  • Highway child

    And that's all for one night, my petals...

  • Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Evil Death Machine...

    Now here's something that I've been meaning to cover for a while (sorry duck, I know I promised a long while back..) and was rudely reminded about by the track that appeared on a podcast a while back... Originally this started off about just Evil Death Machine, but then I realised I should cover Danish Girls (Yay! I love the name!) too...

    Evil Death Machine is the...errr... evil genius that is EPO-555's lovely bassist Hans-Emil Hansen's (formerly of indie darlings Traening) solo project. Apparently his mission statement is "to make the best music possible". And he does. The Things I Stole is a night-time spent looking out of the window with the rain beating down and the heating turned high (of course, the lyric "..please break my arms if I reach my goal.." betrays something different altogether), whilst Pieces could almost be a Diefenbach/ EPO-555 collaberation with a simple melody, a preoccupation with lost love, and layered vocal approach.

    For some reason I seem to have problems linking to the Myspace MP3s, so go here and take a look for yourself. There's also a few tracks on (whih I know you all love a lot, as Myspace's MP3s are getting crappy these days)
  • Things I Stole
  • Someone's Girlfriend
  • Pieces
  • Look The Other Way

    Evil Death Machine...I don't think it's evil at all. In fact, it's actually pretty lovely, just like a night spent staring out into the darkness of a snowy night in the woods and knowing that you'll be alright the logfire's burning and you have a warm blanket. Or something.
  • Monday, February 19, 2007


    Our friends Oliver North Boy Choir have signed to Crunchy Frog!

    Wolfkin-Astra Stube-Hamburg (2nd of Feb)

    Here's another one I've been threatening to do for ages... I've made my love of Wolfkin somewhat clear in the past (you'll have to rifle through the archives, but here is a great place to start) I know it's been a while, but hey, you want to hear what I have to say, don't you?

    For those of you who don't know Hamburg too well (or at all), the Astra Stube is teh world's smallest venue. Ever. I didn't think that anything could rival the Betsy Trotwood in London, but this provides some serious rivalry. Wolfkin, though, were all the better for it, and the smell of cigarette smoke and beer in a room crammed with 80-odd people who could barely move (are you sure that was legal?!) and were anxious with anticipation.

    Wolfkinare one of those bands who invite you into their own private world, and you feel all the better for entering it.

    Although their backing singer and manager were both sick (I hope thy're both better now, poor petals) the boys managed to rip through "Brand New Pants" with the kind of relish that's rarely seen outside of hometown gigs. "These are all illusions" seemed to take on a new meaning, while "Brand new pants" had the crowd dancing away (it was nice to hear thst non-dancing is prevalent in places other than the UK, and that dancing is appreciated...of course, I'd never do that in the UK), and people at the back stood on chairs.... the set went FAR too quickly, and, after running out of songs to play, we were treated to an encore of several the songs they'd already played, with teh crowd retreating even further into their world.

    Wolfkin, then, my dears. They really have to be seen to be believed. And even then, you might not be able to leave their pop-tinged magical world for a week or so afterwards, and you'll never, ever be the same.

    On a pseudo-gossip magaine strand, I can also report that they're lovely, lovely, lovely, and can more than hold their own in the drunken rock clubs of St pauli... but that's another story...

    Just as a quick aside, I'd like to thank Jan (and Kruemel) from Queenaboutmusic/Crunchy Frog for their help. I'm sure they know why. Never say I'm not transparent!

    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    New and Old Tiger Tunes

    I know.. I know... I've been pretty crap lately, and there's a million and one things I should let you all know about! Unfortunately it's been one of those times when I've been hideously overloaded, and while I know I should have done the Wolfkin review and the Evil Death Machine/ Danish Girls preview I've been harpig on about for ages..well... I just haven't. It's not my fault. I promise. Both of those things will haveto wait, though, with the news that there's some new Tiger Tunes stuff! Ok, so it's not really new, it's more new-old, for we all know that they're all doing other things, but hey...who are we to argue?

  • New Fast Cats
  • The Walk
  • We Are Not Afraid To Say I Love You

    Oh...and as I'm in the generous...

  • (Angry Kids Of The World) Unite

    Of course, there's more on the website, so go and have a ruffle around...

  • Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Liga Podcast...

    Not much time aain, but our good friends at Liga have released another podcast of the finest new shebang...

    Here's the listing...

    Tobias Hellkvist - Step Aside (Efterklang Cover)
    Tomboy - 1.2.3.
    Evil Death Machine - Things I Stole
    Turboweekend - I'm Into You (James Braun Remix)
    2nd Street - Code Red
    Agnes Obel - Avenue
    P. Jørgensen - Demo

    It's interesting, as I've been meaning to cover Evil Death Machine for a long while- it's an interesting side-project from EPO-555's Hans-Emil... Something worth watching... It's worth a look...

    Download here

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band...

    I know, I know... I'm useless. Talking of the darlings at Liga (as I have in the past few posts...don't worry, the effect will wear off soon, although they do have fabulous taste) Kristian recommended Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band.

    Part of theYoyooyoy art collective (which has been described to me as "..something strange and rare..." more than it me, or does Denmark have a load of great collectives around at the moment? See posts passim...).

    I don't have much time, so I can't really tell you too much, but the tracks are from the album "ffffoo k tsscch" (a fab name, if I ever heard one). If you want ot read any more, visit thir page here.

    As ever, though, I'll leave the choice up to you...

  • Ernie and the sandstorm, old man and the sea
  • Foot and Foot

    However, I'll leave you on one last note from the email:

    "..It's really good.I'm digging it. Or something like that..."

    Who am I to argue with a guy with such good taste?!