Saturday, March 31, 2007

Again, you'll ahave to excuse my tardiness- I'm writing this from a cafe somewhere in the brave new world... My laptop has finally died (again- can Dell really not make decent power adaptors?! That's the fourth in a year- and it's ALWAYS the adaptor...) so ..well...excuse my absence. As soon as I'm back home and I've managed to sort it out, it'll be business as usual. *sigh*

Anyway, a lot of news. PPC favourites 1234 are playing at Roskilde :) Damn. For some reason downloads are disabled on their page (does this mean they're about to sign for someone? Hm. I have absolutely no evidence to support that, BTW..)

Talking about people signing, Crunchy Frog (Oh why, does noone else feed me lovely info? I'd like it a lot..) have signed Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullitt Band (yet another band I've had a half-written post on for a while). They've been floating around the Cph scene for a while, and have been recomended by various people in that time. I have to say, though, it was entirely unexpected- normally you can smell a whiff, or you hear something on the rumour mill... All the same, though, they seem to be a welcome addition to what is already a prety damn good label- read the news here. Can't find any MP3s, but there's streaming audio of demos etc here...

Anyway, my time's running out, so I'd better say sayonara, and, if you like, see y'all at Roskilde this year (would be MORE than happy to meet any of you...haha)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Liga do it again...

Argh. I don't have more than about 2 seconds to write this, as I'm on a business trip.... I'll leave you with the third of Liga's very, very fine podcasts ( click here, or get it from itunes if you're in Dk) and tell you that it featues...

Supertroels - You Are Always
Harmony Boys - Highway Child
Kirsten Ketsjer - Eat The Cow
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Sucker Love
Slaraffenland - Polaroids
The Sibling People - Johnny The Villain
The Late Parade - My Spies

There's at least 2 on that list I've been meaning to cover fro some time, so watch this space when I'm less indesposed...

On another point, I just bought my flights for Roskilde- it'll be my fourth. If anyone wants a moment, I'll be more than happy to scare them with my festival "look"!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our friends Eclectic....

It's been a busy few weeks in which I've not even had time to think about writing, never mind actually do it, so today's a bit of a catch up! Apologies that I've not been about it appears that travelling so much for work (and, of course, my near-enough-monthly trips to Hamburg)has taken it's toll. I promise not be so slovenly in future...until next time.

Factory 45-local disco star (live at pumpehuset)

Anyway, our friends from Factory45 have started their own blog here. It's part English/part Danish (depending on who's writing) and is well worth a look... On another Factory45 tip, they're releasing the heavenly Supermarkets as a single sometime in the future. Well worth a listen:

  • Long-time PPC favourites Charlie, Don't Surf are currently on (the band who Tinkerbell swears have to make it, or she'll give all this up)are currently on tour in Germany and the like- more details here. Shame they had to cancel their Gruner Jaeger date in Hamburg, as Tink has friends (and her paramour...) who live just around the corner. Literally...

    Charlie Don't surf- Shake of a weight (live at chokoladefabriken in Aarhus)
    Of course, this isn't an excuse for us to tell you to download the new song the put up a while back, is it? Of course not...although it would be terribly rude not to include it...

  • Still No Signs (update: apparently this doesn't work due to Myspace being silly and seemingly disabling the link to download facility... Download it from their Myspace site here)

  • I also forgot to tell you that they were selected to take part in the Coca Cola itunes podacsty-type thing some while ago...We don't normally advocate the health-affirming properties of Coca Cola, but in this case, as it'll make you smile (always good) and bop (did I really just say "bop?) in your front room... Details here. Of course, there are still a few copies of their brilliant self-released debut EP available here for the bargain price of 8 euros or DKK50...

    More PPC friends- the ever reliable, dreamy popmeisters EPO-555, have also got news. They've released a lovely sounding new EP...Actually, on this occasion, I think the ever adorable boys (and new girl- welcome Tine, who replaces Linda, who replaced Camilla for a short while) put it much better than me with the following charming message:

    The truth of the matter is that Mikkel "the Golden Voice" Hansen and Ebbe "The Golden Ear" Frej couldn't keep their dirty fingers from the electronics even though Mafia felt fresh as a virgin and time wasn't ripe to commence a new album. Instead this intermezzo has been made containing less acoustic instrumentation than ever and more electric 4-on-the-floor bass drum and juicy synthetic sounds than ever.

    Whatever your local version of itunes is, it should be on there... It's also available via all of the normal outlets as well.
    On a related point, the first Oliver North Boy Choir single is available to download now, which makes us very, very excited, as it's available on itunes in the UK, and we don't have to scour the whole of Europe (and, despite what you might believe, we often do that...well...Tink does that and makes everyone listen to it, as noone wants to give us anything. No sireeeeee!)! Despite PPC's protests that it's just not fair that they'll never play live, we're informed that it won't happen...unless the owners of the new Wembley stadium call them, that is... On that note, then, I guess we should say farewell, ciao, hej hej, bye and seeya. It's been fun. Until next time folks...

    Friday, March 23, 2007

    Who are you?

    Ok...a little bit of a thing here.... Just who the hell are you all? I know a lot of you read this...silently, I guess, as you seem a bit scared to talk to us and send comments and emails! What do you want? What do you like? What do you hate? Who else do you read? What could we be doing better? How did you get here? Just what do hyggeligt and gemuetlichkeit really mean? How many packets of Tyrkisk Peber can anyone eat in one go without having to go to the toilet? (These are all important things to ask, dontcha know...)

    We want to know about you. We love hearing from you, and we're actually really friendly. Don't believe what you've heard to the contrary. Feel free to send us stuff (email us for the address- we don't feel safe having it on the internet for various reasons)

    Oh, and by the way, don't add the email address on the side to the sidebar to your Myspace. Tink was having a bit of a techy retard day when she set up the Myspace account, and had already used teh address on teb sidebar as it's her personal one. Instead, go to and add us there. Of courese, you can alwyas try to add Tink's personal one, but she tends to be a fussy fairy and doesn't add anyone. Ever. Unless she's either in love with them or they bribe her. And even then...

    Methinks we should set up a Campaign to make Charlie Don't Surf play Roskilde.... Whaddya say?

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Life just got easier...

    For those of us outside Scandinavia/ the Eurozone, it appears things might just have got easier... I've just discovered the CD WOW! (choose your specific country) now stocks a lot more than it used to- they stocked a Sterling CD I was looking up! Woo!