Sunday, October 28, 2007


It’s funny when you’ve been meaning to cover someone for a while (believe it or not, I have a huge backlog of half-written nonsense in the back office of this thing, most of which will never see the light of day…) and then someone suddenly contacts you and says that they’ve been thinking of you too… All a bit of a love in, I guess, but the story goes like this...

Once upon a time there was a band called Cartridge who lived in Århus. They were in the process of recording a dazzling new album to set the world on fire (but you’ll have to wait til January to hear it) and wanted the fairy across the sea to hear it. The good fairy Tinkerbell had been hiding for a bit too long and was pretty uncontactable (though she now has this newfound invention called a

contact form
) so the lovely lads asked the good fairy at the bottom of the garden and she had nary an answer. So they trawled the net and found a way to tell her about this astounding thing they were doing.

“Thank God for Myspace!” they shrieked “Dear Tinkerbell, tell us, can we enchant you?”
“Sure you can!” she replied, chomping on a chocolate biscuit “Try your worst!”

And so they went to the woods, and Tinkerbell fell under their spell. Do you want to go to The Woods too?

The Woods


  • Thursday, October 25, 2007

    A small updatey type thing as I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere...

    I don;t have much time today- called away to the middle nowhere as I have been. With that in mind, I'll leave you with 2 gems that have been in my inbox for AGES and speak for themselves.

    The first is Efterklang who's latest offering was out last week, and who are playing all over the place at the moment- inclusing a lovely London show (come and say hiiiiiiiii if you can work out who I am... I should say a special thanks to the lovely Ben at the Leaf Label for this one)

  • Cutting Ice to Snow

    The other one is from our friends Oliver North Boy Choir (I know I've talKed about them millions of times...but...well.... I LOVE them!) Actually, it's the precursor of ONBC doing one of my fave songs ever... But maybe Ivan from the band can put it better than I can!

    "...There's a small gift attached :-). It's a cover of OMD's "Enola Gay" we made in 2001, when we were still called Pierre. We wanted to include it on one of our future singles, but our old harddisk broke down, so we couldn't master it. So now we're giving it away to blogs which have written about us + our mailing list exclusively..."

    So it may not be new, but it's something special....

  • Enola Gay


    Oh, it's a digression but I'll plug it anyway.... If you fancy popping over to Oslo for a while in 2 weeks, then take a look at ElektroStat. Not Danish, but fab all the same, and I'll be there :)

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Our Random Danish Youtube favourites

    It's amazing what you get by typing "Danish music" into Youtube...

    Snake And Jets Amazing Bullit Band: "10 cities beyond" (unfinished, apparently)

    Rathmanns Onde DanseOrkester!

    Dúné- john wayne vs. mary chain at Danish Music Night (I can only assume that this is referring to the sold-out night at this year's Popkomm in Berlin?)

    Back in the day- Figurines

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Jacob Faurholt

    We may not have had a Summer this year (Festival season- including Roskilde- was a total washout, as you all know...)

    Jacob Faurholt and Sweetie Pie Wilbur- We Like Snow

    ...but maybe Summer's about to arrive in the middle of November. Jacob Faurholt is releasing his new album in the next few weeks, and it looks like it's going to be a good one. Maybe it'll even get rid of the cold weather that seems to have descended (on this wee corner of South East England, anyway).

    We have to admit that we love Jacob Faurholt. There's something very charming and Scandinavian about the lalalalalas in "Back Home", and something very naïve and endearing about the whole thing. Of course, though, you need to make up your own minds...

  • Back Home

    "...I'll always love you, there's no other way to say.." . Amen to that.

  • Myspace
  • Website

  • Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Charlie Don’t Surf- riding high on a wave anyway?

    Whilst we’ve (hm…I mean “I’ve”) been busy (oops, I almost wrote busty, though I’m that as well) running around the festivals gawping at the boys, it turns out that Aalborg’s finest boys have been in the studio recording songs with Sir Ebbe of Frej (all round decent bloke and beer monster, judging from Roskilde…though I was dressed like a Bulgarian hooker at the time…don’t ask)for our delectations. They’ve created a veritable smorgasbord (I know, enough already on the clichés) to feast upon.

    Minor Changes- live in Aalborg

    Starting Low, Aiming High, I’m Surprised by You, Shake off a Weight and 619 are pieces of wonky pop perfection as you’d expect from Charlie. Don’t believe me? Download two of them here, and get the rest from their Myspace for a limited time…

  • Starting Low, Aiming High
  • I'm Surprised by you

    And with that, I'm off on holiday for a few days....

  • And on that note, I'm away on holiday for a few days. Will be back early next week!

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    It's so beautiful, we have to...

    The Floor is made of Lava (pt 2)

    Related to yesterday's post, Lava lead singer and writer THOBAY K gives us the lowdown on what's what...

    Our national anthem, our holy bible and the song of which the band took its name from. It’s the first song we wrote and the last song we mixed in the studio. It’s about being better than the average Joe, have more fun than everybody else and speaking whatever’s on our minds. If the album goes gold, I gotta have Sonic The Hedgehog tattooed on my arm. But it wouldn’t surprise me if I had it done anyway.

    I met this really dumb girl who were so pathetic, that I just had to write a song about people who needs to get it together, and get it fuckin’ going. Later, when I bumped into this goofball, which I’m sure was her boyfriend, I had it all. I was totally stoked when I got the chorus together, so I spend my night, pissed out of my mind, running all over town, screaming the chorus at people. I think it was Christmas 2006.

    Simon was bitchin’ about a friend of his, who had a thing going on with his sister. I’ve always thought that all these rules where you’re “not allowed” to make out with friends of friends, or friends’ sisters, were totally bullshit. So me and Simon spend all night discussing the whole issue, and I kinda wrote the lyrics out of the discussion. Later, I heard the expression: “Why fuck a stranger, when you can fuck a friend”, and it just fitted right in there. It also gives the song a whole new meaning, I think. Besides that, it’s just a really cool thing to say. Thank God for lousy redneck movies on late night telly.

    This song is dedicated to the girl at the disco, the club and the prom who everybody wants’s to make it with. She so fine that everybody want’s to get in her pants. That’s what her life is all about – teasing all the young boys, like everybody else would have done in her place. Then one day she meets this dude, who is so cool and so cold, that she’s interested in more than just a one-night stand. Oh by the way, that’s “the dude” singing this song. It took us about 3 months before we got the song and the arrangement right, and Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani really played a huge part in writing it..

    I really wanted to make a happy song, because the two we wrote before this one were kind of surly and grumpy. I decided that the song was to be called Happy Monday, inspired by the band Happy Mondays. It was the last song we wrote for the album, and it was actually written while we were mixing the other songs. The pace of the song is considerably slower than the rest on the album, and we’ve already talked about going in that direction regarding the next record.
    The interlude, which ends this song, is called Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?! A song which was never completed due to the fact that it sounds like…well Arctic Monkeys! We also thought that it was kinda funny to name a song after their own song and their EP. Alex Turner was busy being a rascal or something, so Mr. Liam O’ Connor were kind enough to lend us his voice.

    Now if I might take a little liberty here, this is a masterpiece. The chorus is about a fool, a relationship and a blowjob. All happening at the same time! I think most people find it irritating when friends or girlfriends are too sensitive and sticky-icky. But the funny thing is that you actually kinda like it. Yeah, I know. Nobody likes a wordsmith so I’ll get to the point. This song is about instability which is, when you think about it, the cornerstone in any relationship. The blowjob analogy wasn’t really my intention, people listening to it have come up with it themselves.

    This is the ultimate drinking tune! I would really like to make a video for this one. It should be about a low-life cop who get’s coffee for his donuts, a beer for his lunch, and a scotch for his dinner. Then he goes to this joint where he screws his regular girl at the toilet. Man…I really like those kind of people. The thing about this song is that there are some parts in this song, which all of us (in the band) can relate to, one way or another. I know that Simon really likes the lyrics and the story of the song. Ace digs heavy on the Ac/Dc-like trucker backing vocals. And me? I think I just like the whole damn thing really! It’s more or less an ode to The Boss.

    For a long time I didn’t know what this thing was about. It was written by request of Ace, who wanted to write a song where one camouflaged drugs with candy. Strange right? But somewhere in the writing process I found out that I wanted it to be about just not giving a rat’s ass. The interpretation of that is for anyone to decide. It’s without a doubt this song that I want a 4th grader to analyze. It contains so much mumbo jumbo that only a kid would understand it. But like most of our songs there is a subliminal message. I’ve just forgotten what it is.

    You know, the best punch lines in life are those you just can’t explain - you just know what they mean. There was this guy who wrote to us on our Myspace, that he had told this girl that he was from Compton. Apparently he made it with her. So there you have it. Oh and by the way, this song has nothing, and I repeat nothing to do with any damn sparrows. “Suck on this barrel, you can ride my Camaro”

    I understand why people would think this is a chauvinistic hate-song to some punk-ass bitch. It really isn’t. What it really is about is how big an asshole you can be to one another in a relationship. I’m a dogg and she’s a bitch. We are equally good/bad to one another. But of course I’ll blame it on her when we’re having a fight, just like she would blame it on me, if it was her who’d written the song. In other words, I’m just saying it like it is. Nobody calls each other honey or sweetie pie in the middle of a fight, right?

    This song is about being powerless and unable to cater for peoples needs. It’s about MTV culture, Feng Shui and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It’s about reviewers, the crowd and girlfriends/boyfriends who are total assholes. I really think that the line “Fuck with me on this one and I’ll fuck you right up” is one of our best. It’s so wonderfully hysteric in a drama queen-like way – which is my way of saying that you can’t and mustn’t take anything I write seriously. The title of the song is the kinda thing you wanna say to somebody who’s really disappointed you – right before you slam the door.
    Just like Happy Monday, this song contains an interlude which is actually an outro in this case. The outro , and the interlude for that matter, is referring to album title. It is “Fruit” or filler or whatever you wanna call it. Come to think of it, it might be my favourite track on the album.

    We've also got another MP3 for you...

  • Told Her I'm for Compton
  • Sucker Love

  • Sunday, October 14, 2007

    The Floor is made of lava (pt1)

    In a bit of a name dropping exercise, we’re going to tell you that the adorable SuperTroels (aka Troels from Veto) told us to watch these guys a while back, and, as a result, we sent our spies to see them at a very early gig in London last year, where we were mightily impressed.

    The Floor is made of Lava on Tabu TV...

    Sadly there wasn’t anything much around to share with you at the time, so we kept our eyes peeled and hoped for rain (as it were). And lo and behold, I opened my email on a wet and windy October evening last week, and what did I find?

    That’s right. A lovely, shiny MP3 version of their brand spanking new album. Stytzer’s got there before me with a load of the MP3s, but it’s well worth repeating them, as they’re so fabulous. I can only repeat Hits in The Car’s order that you need to BUY BUY BUY! In the manner of all great things, this is something that you’ll buy and wonder how you ever survived without it. Not convinced? Then try a taster…
  • Do your sister
  • Ikea did a job on you
  • You ain't bitch (bitch)

  • Lovely.

    Oh, and the album's out on Monday in Denmark, and I'm sure it's probably due out soon elsewhere...

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band

    ...and another band we've been adoring during out self-enforced hiatus.

    Sounding like a particularly dirty wrestling match between a stoned 1970s garage-rock turned synth band and any number of your favourite bands in a trash can (excuse my Americanism) with early Bis cheering along, they're as hard to describe as anything we've ever heard. Infamous in Copenhagen for their riotous party spirit, Snake and Jet finally released their first alum (X-Ray Spirit) on insanely beautiful coloured vinyl recently. In case you haven't guessed, we love it

    Beautiful in a way that only Danish boys can be, (*ahem*… I'm sure you know what I mean…), the band consists (surprise surprise) of Snake and Jet aka two skinny boys named Thor and Thomas. Together they make up a fabulously beaten up combo playing drums, samples, hammond organ, vintage synths and eclectic/electric guitar. They look cool. They sound cooler. Can your feet afford to dodge the Bullit (yes, I know, it's a bad pun!)?

  • X-Ray

    I think not.

    Take a listen, and then go and bag yourself a copy...

  • Friday, October 12, 2007

    We’re sorry. We’ve been in the Supermarket for far too long.

    So. We’ve been away for a while. It’s not like we haven’t been going to gigs, listening to music, or even listening to music. We’ve just been…*ahem* busy, and lazy sods who haven’t done musch but work all Summer. So apologies for that, slap our wrists, and hope you decide to come back to us. We’re back with a bumper package of intrigue, mystery and excitement over the next few days- also known as gorgeous new songs from Charlie Don’t Surf (produced by EPO-555’s fab Ebbe Frej), a long-overdue Roskilde review, some bits and bobs from our favourite spurting volcanoes The Floor Is Made of Lava, something special from Efterklang, and enough hyperbole to make your heart explode with joy. So stick with us…we love you, so put on those dancing shoes, and dance to the beat of our drum!

    In the meantime, I bring the grand news that Factory45 have been signed by the lovely guys at TigerSpring, who, apart from being one of the nicest management/booking etc etc companies on Earth, are also one of the nicest labels!

    Factory45- "Peggy Sue" live at Pumpehuset

    They’ve been kind enough to release the tides of the dancathon that is Supermarkets onto the web once more. Of course, I’d suppose they'd also love it if you went to see them at one of their various shows...

    P.S. We have a brand spanking new contact us form here!

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Things that make us giggle like mad people...

    ...sometime just have to be posted