Saturday, September 20, 2008


So...we're kinda crap, kinda blah, and just haven't kept any promises of late. We've had Pastry Clubs (some good, some bad..)in London, a trip to SPOT, and another to Roskilde and, strangely, a million trips to Oslo (more on that one later..) and I've still not told you anything.

First things first. We've been listening to FAR too much Choir of Young Believers lately, so go check them out. We've also been ever so slightly obsessed with the last Veto album, Jong Pang, I Got You on Tape and have been getting VERY VERY excited by the fact there's a new Diefenbach album due sooooon...

We'll be back soon. Promise!

P.S. If you do insist in writing us an email, then it's Alison you'll be asking for. I'm not Mette. Mette is the booker and all round logistical genius behind the Pastry Club, and we love her.

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