Sunday, January 28, 2007


I know I mentioned Factory45 before, but I think it;s time I gave them their own post- I noticed Liga's done something similar too- great obviously minds think alike...

Factory45 are actually a band I happened upon by chance, as I'd gone to Copenhagen the day before the guys when we were going to the big Crunchy thingy in December (which, by the way, was pretty damn fantastic, featuring, as it did, an EPO-555 performance with a heavily pregnant Camilla back in the breech for one night only, an stellar performance from Sterling, and a mind blowing Wolfkin show). I'd arranged to see a friend DJ, got horribly drunk before they arrived, and then made my way to the venue. I hadn't really expected to see anything that even vaguely impressed me (to be honest, I was more interested in drinking myself under the table and thinking of ways to pretend that wasn't heartbroken to about the current love of my life, who was arriving the next day)

Anyway. I digress. Before I go into yet another gossip-column style rant, I'll get back to the Factory45.

It was during Local Disco Star that, actually, I realised these kids (can I call them that? I have no idea whether they're younger than me or anything..) had something going on. I mean, I've been in rooms full of kids bopping (ha! That word is somewhat under-rated, I think, along with nifty).

Nitemare is a 1950s salsa lounge style tune meets 1980s vocalist with a 2000s twist (honestly, as incredulous as it sounds), Supermarkets is a funfair romp (if only my trip to my local Tesco was so grand), while Local Disco Star is a countrified anthem with a catchy indie-style chorus and a tune that will stick in your brain for days. Best of all, though, is the delicious line "..So I roamed the streets and I roamed the bars, dressed as the local disco star trying to find a girl to smoke my big cigar.." Now maybe I'm just dirty minded (and it's often been said, especially in response to Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies and 69 Tragic Love Songs...) but is there some kind of naughtiness behind the innocent facade?

Decide for yourself:

  • Nitemare
  • Local Disco Star
  • Supermarkets

    Excuse my chattiness...for some reason, Factory45 are a lot like 1234 and Charlie, Don't Surf... (who, although I haven't yet told me, were the catalyst to make me start writing this)they make me want to scream from the rooftops, and dance and sing until I fall asleep happy...

    Factory45, then. If there's any justice, they'll be more than local disco stars...

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