Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band...

I know, I know... I'm useless. Talking of the darlings at Liga (as I have in the past few posts...don't worry, the effect will wear off soon, although they do have fabulous taste) Kristian recommended Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band.

Part of theYoyooyoy art collective (which has been described to me as "..something strange and rare..." more than once..is it me, or does Denmark have a load of great collectives around at the moment? See posts passim...).

I don't have much time, so I can't really tell you too much, but the tracks are from the album "ffffoo k tsscch" (a fab name, if I ever heard one). If you want ot read any more, visit thir page here.

As ever, though, I'll leave the choice up to you...

  • Ernie and the sandstorm, old man and the sea
  • Foot and Foot

    However, I'll leave you on one last note from the email:

    "..It's really good.I'm digging it. Or something like that..."

    Who am I to argue with a guy with such good taste?!

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