Saturday, March 31, 2007

Again, you'll ahave to excuse my tardiness- I'm writing this from a cafe somewhere in the brave new world... My laptop has finally died (again- can Dell really not make decent power adaptors?! That's the fourth in a year- and it's ALWAYS the adaptor...) so ..well...excuse my absence. As soon as I'm back home and I've managed to sort it out, it'll be business as usual. *sigh*

Anyway, a lot of news. PPC favourites 1234 are playing at Roskilde :) Damn. For some reason downloads are disabled on their page (does this mean they're about to sign for someone? Hm. I have absolutely no evidence to support that, BTW..)

Talking about people signing, Crunchy Frog (Oh why, does noone else feed me lovely info? I'd like it a lot..) have signed Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullitt Band (yet another band I've had a half-written post on for a while). They've been floating around the Cph scene for a while, and have been recomended by various people in that time. I have to say, though, it was entirely unexpected- normally you can smell a whiff, or you hear something on the rumour mill... All the same, though, they seem to be a welcome addition to what is already a prety damn good label- read the news here. Can't find any MP3s, but there's streaming audio of demos etc here...

Anyway, my time's running out, so I'd better say sayonara, and, if you like, see y'all at Roskilde this year (would be MORE than happy to meet any of you...haha)

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