Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Floor is made of lava (pt1)

In a bit of a name dropping exercise, we’re going to tell you that the adorable SuperTroels (aka Troels from Veto) told us to watch these guys a while back, and, as a result, we sent our spies to see them at a very early gig in London last year, where we were mightily impressed.

The Floor is made of Lava on Tabu TV...

Sadly there wasn’t anything much around to share with you at the time, so we kept our eyes peeled and hoped for rain (as it were). And lo and behold, I opened my email on a wet and windy October evening last week, and what did I find?

That’s right. A lovely, shiny MP3 version of their brand spanking new album. Stytzer’s got there before me with a load of the MP3s, but it’s well worth repeating them, as they’re so fabulous. I can only repeat Hits in The Car’s order that you need to BUY BUY BUY! In the manner of all great things, this is something that you’ll buy and wonder how you ever survived without it. Not convinced? Then try a taster…
  • Do your sister
  • Ikea did a job on you
  • You ain't bitch (bitch)

  • Lovely.

    Oh, and the album's out on Monday in Denmark, and I'm sure it's probably due out soon elsewhere...

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