Friday, October 12, 2007

We’re sorry. We’ve been in the Supermarket for far too long.

So. We’ve been away for a while. It’s not like we haven’t been going to gigs, listening to music, or even listening to music. We’ve just been…*ahem* busy, and lazy sods who haven’t done musch but work all Summer. So apologies for that, slap our wrists, and hope you decide to come back to us. We’re back with a bumper package of intrigue, mystery and excitement over the next few days- also known as gorgeous new songs from Charlie Don’t Surf (produced by EPO-555’s fab Ebbe Frej), a long-overdue Roskilde review, some bits and bobs from our favourite spurting volcanoes The Floor Is Made of Lava, something special from Efterklang, and enough hyperbole to make your heart explode with joy. So stick with us…we love you, so put on those dancing shoes, and dance to the beat of our drum!

In the meantime, I bring the grand news that Factory45 have been signed by the lovely guys at TigerSpring, who, apart from being one of the nicest management/booking etc etc companies on Earth, are also one of the nicest labels!

Factory45- "Peggy Sue" live at Pumpehuset

They’ve been kind enough to release the tides of the dancathon that is Supermarkets onto the web once more. Of course, I’d suppose they'd also love it if you went to see them at one of their various shows...

P.S. We have a brand spanking new contact us form here!

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Chris said...

Good to have you back again! :)

Please also check my new blog Music From Denmark; I'm sure you can contribute to it! The initial post is here:

and here's the link to the blog:

Let me know what you think, and keep your suggestions coming! :)

Best wishes from Switzerland!