Thursday, October 18, 2007

Charlie Don’t Surf- riding high on a wave anyway?

Whilst we’ve (hm…I mean “I’ve”) been busy (oops, I almost wrote busty, though I’m that as well) running around the festivals gawping at the boys, it turns out that Aalborg’s finest boys have been in the studio recording songs with Sir Ebbe of Frej (all round decent bloke and beer monster, judging from Roskilde…though I was dressed like a Bulgarian hooker at the time…don’t ask)for our delectations. They’ve created a veritable smorgasbord (I know, enough already on the clichés) to feast upon.

Minor Changes- live in Aalborg

Starting Low, Aiming High, I’m Surprised by You, Shake off a Weight and 619 are pieces of wonky pop perfection as you’d expect from Charlie. Don’t believe me? Download two of them here, and get the rest from their Myspace for a limited time…

  • Starting Low, Aiming High
  • I'm Surprised by you

    And with that, I'm off on holiday for a few days....

  • And on that note, I'm away on holiday for a few days. Will be back early next week!

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