Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hohum…did I ever tell you?

I’m not sure whether I ever managed to explain exactly what we’re doing with this whole Pastry Club thing…in fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. So I'd better.

In the Summer of 2006 (for we shall call this year zero…) Tibnkerbell, a bored music blogger caught upon the idea of blogging exclusively about Danish music, and, somewhat randomly, called it Pastries, Pepper and Canals (as you all know). Within days, the blog had been featured on the website of DR's Liga, and attracted a loyal following both in Denmark and all over the world, with emails from many of Denmark's leading independent musicians, asking whether they'd be able to get gigs in London. Though the seeds of an idea were planted at this stage, the blog remained an exclusively online project, though, occasionally, she would ask the lads behind London’s successful Swedish club Tack! Tack! Tack! to consider a Danish offshoot.

At the same time, a frustrated Mette had been thinking for some time about how to expose the bands she loved- Jomi Massage, Speaker Bite Me, Spleen United and I Am Bones- amongst them, to her adopted homeland. Having written her dissertation on the Danish music scene, and occasionally writing for Geiger magazine about all things leftfield, she couldn't help but think that there was an opportunity out there somewhere- something that was confirmed when she realised that gigs by Figurines and Oh No Ono attracted sold out crowds in London by word of mouth alone.

In May 2007, the two joined forces when Mette sent Tinkerbell an email via this very blog, saying simply:

"…I'm (another??) bona fide Dane with an unhealthy obsession when it comes to making the wondrous music of my stamp size country known... Fancy running a Danish-themed event?..."

And so a partnership was born.

After several hours brainstorming ideas for names in London's RoTa club (while many of the initial suggestions were dire, we can tell you that Beer N' Bacon, the literary themed 'Something Rotten' and some godawful puns about herrings, rye bread and salmiak were real contenders at one point), a drunken texting session finally hit upon The Pastry Club.

After much discussion, the girls pitched the idea to every contact that they had in the Danish music scene, including members of Denmark’s most popular bands, management companies, labels and others from outside Denmark who work closely with the Danish music industry. Despite the mysterious Tinkerbell's total inability to master the Danish language, the reaction was incredibly positive, with offers of help and support (plus much excitement) from all corners.

The addition of Helen completed the team in September 2007. An obsessive independent music guru who formerly worked at the Spitz, and is currently working at 93 Feet East, Helen has the knowledge and contacts to get things done, and took little persuasion to get her hands dirty, and help look into the possibility of helping Danish bands expand their schedule to take in other parts of the UK.

With an eclectic music policy to take in all areas of Danish music, the first Pastry Club, which took place at 93 Feet East on 19th February 2008, was a massive success. Support from ROSA has helped us take it that little bit further...

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