Monday, March 24, 2008


So. I got sick. Again. I'm writing again!

But I finally had time to write a press release...:)


The Pastry Club #2!

Marvin’s Revolt, Wet Dog and I Am Bones
Tuesday 15th April 2008 ~ 93 Feet East, London

Following a successful launch night in February, The Pastry Club are proud to present a night of something completely different…

Date: Tuesday 15th April
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: £6 on the door / £5 in advance from
Venue: 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU 020 7247 3293

Copenhagen’s very own Marvin’s Revolt are loud, proud and endowed with the kind of killer tunes that will make you jump about with glee. Following several successful tours in the UK and Ireland, Marvin’s Revolt are back to blow your mind with a mixture of math-pop and angular catchy rock.

Touched by sounds from the present and the past, but forging their own path, regardless of scenes or trends, the songs appear as intense, challenging and melodic structures, with disregard for songwriting rules. Formed in 2002, Marvin’s Revolt were initially noisy and aggressive, honing their skills and developing a more complex sound by taking the time honoured roiute of contsant touring.. Musicwise, the band have since mellowed into a less noisy, more complex but yet more melodic kickass band. New album Killec is fresh and exciting sound of a new-born collective. Marvins Revolt mutate into a four-piece monster not to be missed when playing live! Want to know more? Visit or

Aarhusians I Am Bones are one of the seminal bands of their generation. Many of Denmark’s new favourite bands cite I Am Bones’ unique brand of quirky lo-fi rock as a major influence. Musically drawing on the slacker rock of Pavement, the screaming of Frank Black, the aggression of Nirvana and the lazy funkiness of Beck (and yet more than a sum of their influences), they’ve received critical acclaim in Scandinavia and Germany alike.

Combining aggression and screaming with hooks and catchy melodies, I Am Bones have a talent for combining the humourous with the serious in a way that allows you to both feel it and laugh at it. Think of every single band you’ve ever loved and you’ve played to death, and then times that by ten. I Am Bones aren’t just special. They’re more than that. They’re one of the reasons we started this whole thing. Don’t miss them, or you’re likely to miss something very, very special… Visit or for 11 slaps in the face to 1 pat on the back.


Bear said...

i haven't looked at your site for ages and now i wish i had. epo-555 played near where I live in london and i had no idea. god damn. i'll be at your next event. figures are playing again soon too, and saw efterklang the other day. denmark is go!!!

Bear said...

I thought I Am Bones and Marvin's Revolt were both pretty cool last night. Nice one.