Monday, March 10, 2008

I *heart* Sterling

So…what have we been up to lately?

A lot’s been going on lately has been around The Pastry Club- we’ve been inundated with requests and madness, so it’s been slightly insane…the first show went amazingly well

Sterling. Ho hum. Sterling have been on my to-do list, and, for some reason, I haven’t managed to cover them yet.

Ok, so I can’t really understand what the hell they’re singing about (any of you who’ve ever emailed me or tried to speak to me in Danish should realise that my Danish leaves a lot to be desired…) Again, Sterling are another one of those bands I fell in love with when I started this whole thing… and another one of those bands I fell in love to a few Summers ago. As you all know, that relationship didn’t last, but my love of Sterling did…

Kom Nu Hjem still remains at the top of the playlist of songs he gave me, and, though I couldn’t listen to it for a long time, I rediscovered it recently on my iPod… I’m starting to wonder why I was stupid enough not to listen to it for so long when, actually, the guy in question really wasn’t worth my time (*ahem*).

Rumour has it that Sterling’s new songs in English are fantastic-let’s hope that they sound as great as they promise (I’d kill to listen to those demos), and the rest of us can actually hear what the fuck’s going on…

In the meantime, though, I’ll leave you with one of the best tracks from their last album…

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