Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kind of Girl...

Sometimes I wish I was a donkey so I could kick myself.
I hate being a latecomer to the party!

Kind of Girl are another band I've been meaning to write about for a while- and their lovely little electronic press kit and cheeky message just spourred me on. Unfortunately Hits in the Car managed to get there a good many times before me (it appears that they're one of Stytzer's favourite bands...), and they've also been covered by Music of the Moment and Powerpoulist too (see the sidebar for links)...

They've all said it better than I can, so just go and listen to them ...
  • Poetry Boy
  • Slave to your charms
  • You Can't Save me

    Strangely (and quirte sweetly, I think) they also provide a mobile ringtone on their Myspace page.

    Kind of Girl, then... it just shows that a little bit of cheek reminds me that I need to write about you!
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