Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mesage from Efterklang...

This might interest you all...

Low numbered vinyls 1-20 stolen!
We strike back with the alphabet and hope to gather some money to save a piece of the rainforest!

As you may have heard and read many times by now our new release Under Giant Trees is numbered and limited to 4500 cds and 1200 vinyls in total. Tony from The Leaf Label had requested from the vinyl factory that the ones numbered 1-20 where to be put in a marked box - in retrospect this proved to be a bad idea. Apparently somewhere between the factory and Leaf's UK distributor this box has been nicked by some fast running hooligans! So if you ever see these vinyls somewhere do let us know!So right now, lurking somewhere, someone thinks they have the 20 most exclusive Efterklang records in their possesion. But they can think again! Luckily for us there has been printed too many sleeves for the vinyl. So now we have made a handlettered edition. We have taken 29 vinyls from the high numbered sleeves and given them a new home in a lettered sleeve. The whole alphabet is there inclusive the three Danish extras æøå. We and Leaf have kept some of these for our personal collections and family, but via The Leaf Labels ebay page we are going to auction 10 of them! They're going to be listed on eBay, one per day for 10 days, from today (April 26). As a special bonus, each of these 10 copies will include a card signed by each of us (if anyone can be bothered). The 10 letters will be d, i, j, q, u, w, x, z, ø and å In a karma balancing exercise to make good on behalf of the thief of the first 20, we've decided to give all the proceeds from these auctions to charity, and what could be more appropriate for Under Giant Trees than supporting the dying rainforest? The money will be used to buy a piece of untouched rainforest to secure its preservation. The purchase will be made through

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