Sunday, February 25, 2007


To my detriment, I've been a bit rubbish and haven't checked my old e-mail account lately. If I had, I would have found a few lovely email from Rumraket (one of the friendliest labels in the world) and Efterklang. Shame on me.

Swarming- Efterklang

In order to atone my sins (and get rid of my post-curry awakeness...I knowit's not a word, but who cares... I don't have a pedant's corner y'know... ), and due to the fact that I've remembered how great they are (and how much they make me happy in a blissful kinda way) I thought I'd treat you all...

  • Jojo - live recording from Nalen, Stockholm nov 2005.
  • Monopolist - from Tripper (2004).
  • Redrop - from mini-album Springer (2003).
  • Swarming (Antenne version) - from Swarming single (2005)
  • Step Aside (covered by Tobias Hellkvist) - the original Step Aside can be found on the album Tripper (2004)

    Efterklang. They say they're nice and friendly people from Copenhagen, and who are we to argue?

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    Alex Carnevale said...

    Sweet post!

    Keep on keeping on. You know what that's about.