Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Evil Death Machine...

Now here's something that I've been meaning to cover for a while (sorry duck, I know I promised a long while back..) and was rudely reminded about by the track that appeared on a podcast a while back... Originally this started off about just Evil Death Machine, but then I realised I should cover Danish Girls (Yay! I love the name!) too...

Evil Death Machine is the...errr... evil genius that is EPO-555's lovely bassist Hans-Emil Hansen's (formerly of indie darlings Traening) solo project. Apparently his mission statement is "to make the best music possible". And he does. The Things I Stole is a night-time spent looking out of the window with the rain beating down and the heating turned high (of course, the lyric "..please break my arms if I reach my goal.." betrays something different altogether), whilst Pieces could almost be a Diefenbach/ EPO-555 collaberation with a simple melody, a preoccupation with lost love, and layered vocal approach.

For some reason I seem to have problems linking to the Myspace MP3s, so go here and take a look for yourself. There's also a few tracks on Last.fm (whih I know you all love a lot, as Myspace's MP3s are getting crappy these days)
  • Things I Stole
  • Someone's Girlfriend
  • Pieces
  • Look The Other Way

    Evil Death Machine...I don't think it's evil at all. In fact, it's actually pretty lovely, just like a night spent staring out into the darkness of a snowy night in the woods and knowing that you'll be alright the logfire's burning and you have a warm blanket. Or something.

    Anonymous said...

    Love it!

    Susi said...

    I have to agree

    cassie said...

    as do i :)