Sunday, February 18, 2007

New and Old Tiger Tunes

I know.. I know... I've been pretty crap lately, and there's a million and one things I should let you all know about! Unfortunately it's been one of those times when I've been hideously overloaded, and while I know I should have done the Wolfkin review and the Evil Death Machine/ Danish Girls preview I've been harpig on about for ages..well... I just haven't. It's not my fault. I promise. Both of those things will haveto wait, though, with the news that there's some new Tiger Tunes stuff! Ok, so it's not really new, it's more new-old, for we all know that they're all doing other things, but hey...who are we to argue?

  • New Fast Cats
  • The Walk
  • We Are Not Afraid To Say I Love You

    Oh...and as I'm in the generous...

  • (Angry Kids Of The World) Unite

    Of course, there's more on the website, so go and have a ruffle around...

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