Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Green Pitch...

Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact. And so it is with songs, too- Green Pitch manage to make a BIG impression with their delicate songs.

There's a certain naivete that's missing from pretty much every band at the moment- I guess that's OK, but it's unashamedly self-conscious and tends to breed a generation of cocksure tossers. Harking back to a folk (no, that's not a dirty word) tradition is not a bad thing, trust me. In a break from some of the noisy stuff currently on my playlist, I offer you one of the world's quietest bands.

Now, if I truly wanted to come across as a wanker, I could waffle on about sonic soundscapes and all the rest of it, but I think you may have heard that a few too many times before, written by some toss-for-brains wannabe music journo (yawn).That said, though, if, as they say, the Devil's in the detail, then Green Pitch must be satanists, as it's spilling out all over the place- if you listen for it...

Critically acclaimed for their last album in Denmark, Green Pitch's mix of bass, delicate guitar and male and female voice is like a trip to a netherworld somewhere far far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While that might be a trip to the bottom of the garden for some (that's where the fairies reside, isn't it?) Green Pitch have the power to transport you to somewhere completely different, away from the work hassles, the bosses, the bills and pills of modern life.

Excuse the hyperbole, but I tend to get carried away with these things, and it is in the early hours. I'm off to bed, but in the meantime, here's a few MP3s:

Erratic Day
Recently May

You'll have to excuse me if anything goes wrong- I' m fairly new to this MP3 blogging thing, so any help would be appreciated (especially with linking to MP3s).

Here's their Myspace and website...


Chris said...

Welcome to the blogosphere... great to have another source for Danish music!

Green Pitch sounds quite good.

Link me if you like to, and I'm happy to do the same.


stytzer said...

Chris beat me to it....but you're very welcome indeed!

Tinkerbell said...

Why thank you :)

Can I just add that the folks for Green Pitch are, uite possibly the sweetest I've ever come across- I got a very sweet email thanking me for covring them... The pleasure is, of course, all mine!