Saturday, August 26, 2006

Something for the windy weekend...

I admit's the weekend, and I'm a wee bit lazy (and sick... no, this time it's not self-inflicted, and I have all the keys beck on my laptop aside from "q" now, thank you very much...Don't ask...) to think up (or even think about) anything to post,'s another mixtape that I've taken from Stytzer (naughty me!)! It's often the best way to introduce you to things I haven't got round to writing about yet (and he makes such beautiful tapes!)... You will notice a slight re-post of a Charlie, Don't Surf song, but it's so damn good that I couldn't leave it out (especially as it's part of the original)...

  • Moi Caprice - My Girl You Blush
  • Ruined By Martin - Perfect Sense
  • Veto - You Are A Knife
  • Leisure Alaska - Return Of The Power
  • The New Brand - With You
  • Cinnober - Fast Machine
  • Powderdust - Bet You 2
  • Munich - With Smiling Lips
  • Mavis - Point Of No Concern
  • Charlie Don't Surf - Breakthrough
  • Late Night Venture - Pay The Moon
  • The Elephants - Autumn Hearts
  • Girls! - No More Fooling Around
  • Skywriter - For Heaven's Sake
  • Salem - I Love The Avenue
  • Ehlers/Thejsen - Art Of Loneliness
  • Enjoy!


    Anonymous said...

    Kill the house alarm!

    Tinkerbell said...


    Mikkel Malmberg said...

    Tak, for putting us on the tape :)

    You're a big help - If not anywhere else at least on our self-esteem!

    Mikkel / Charlie, don't Surf

    Allan Hansen said...


    We're glad that you like what we're doing, and put us on a mixed tape (new kind of oldschool :-) !

    Allan // cinnober

    Tinkerbell said...

    How could I not?!