Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Reliving Roskilde 2006...

The heat, the dust, the music...were you there?

Figurines-Live at Roskilde Festival 2006

Hey folks, it's another non- MP3 post today... This time we're reliving the highlights of this year's swelteringly hot, dusty and sticky Roskilde Festival... Click on the links below to see what went on- each of the band links should lead to a neat little video hosted by the festival website...

  • Naked run
  • Spleen United
  • Nordstrøm
  • Lis Er Stille
  • Melk
  • Pato
  • Suspekt
  • Vincent Van Go Go
  • Figurines

    Danish music magazine Soundvenue also covered the festival in their own inimitabel style-click the links below to see more...
  • Soundvenue 1
  • Soundvenue 2
  • Soundvenue 3
  • Soundvenue 4

    That's about it for tonight... I'm pretty impressed that I went to see at least 6 of teh bands in the links above... One last point to remember kids, Roskilde's all for Charity, so you don't have to feel guilty about being muddy, smelly and trying to romance that cute guy or girl next to you.... See you next year!

    Tinkerbell said...

    The video is Figurines at Roskilde 2006- I seem to have HTML probs at the mo :)

    Tinkerbell said...

    Do'h. It's up now.