Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Traening made theme tunes for Bond films yet to be made, late night train journies, and Monday Morning 5:19 moments...

Traening (Danish for "practice") split last year, but that’s still no reason not to swat up on the gloriousness of their debut album, ‘Better Than This’. After forming in 2001, they’ve decide to call it a day early on, leaving just a few glimpses of what could have been.

After a stellar performance at 2004’s Roskilde festival (on the camping stage) which blew anyone with any taste away and left them dazed in the puddles of mud, things were looking up, but, alas, they’ve left us with just a few gems to remember them by.

Tracks like ‘Only You’ is the theme song to an as-yet unmade Bond Movie, sounding both impeccably glamorous and claustrophobic at the same time. ‘Swim’ is the sound of the somewhat balmy weather we’ve been having recently that makes me grouchy. ‘Over and Out’ is the night-time comedown song that you’ve been looking for at 3am, or the antidote to what the late British band Rialto would have called a ‘Monday Morning 5:19’ moment (I can't find the link for this one)

Still, it's not an entirely lost cause, one of them has popped up in EPO-555 (more on them to come..). In the meantime, though, here's today's MP3s:

Only You
And Somewhat Younger

It’s a shame they had to leave us so soon- it could have so easily developed into a love affair...

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Update:18/08/2006@01:00 It's really odd... Better Than This is finally getting a well-deserved UK release at the start of September 2006!Order here or here. Also available in US$ or € here...


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It;s really odd... Betterthan this is finally getting a UK release at the start of September!

Order here:

or here:

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